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01. Introduction: The game and Objectives
02. Disconnections

01. Introduction: The game and Objectives

How to enter the game?
To play at one of the tables available, click in page room on one of the available seats (noted with Enter).
If there are no free seats you can create a new table by pressing : "Make New Table".

The game 3-5-8
The game 3-5-8 is played with 52 cards. There is no Jolly.
The rules during the game are as tarnib, you have to answer to the color. At 3-5-8 you are forced to cut if you do not have color in your hand and you have trump.
The game can be played by 3 players. Each shift is given a card game down.
So, the first player must make at least three hands, the second at least 5 and the third at least 8.

*Divide all the cards, except 4.
*The player that must take 8 hands choose the trump.
*Once chosen trump the 4 cards on the table are turned so that all players can see them. After all players saw them, these cards are taken ​​by the first player who has the obligation to give other 4 cards down ( which he consider useless in his game strategy ) that remain unknown to the other players.
*The game starts

The score is noted after each hand, by plus or minus depending on the target that each player had.

02. Disconnections

It happens to be disconnected from the table because of loss connection or a bad Internet line. In this case you risk losing the game in progress or to be penalized 25 points for each player at the table.

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