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01. Introduction: Enter the game
02. The game of chess and the pieces
03. Score
04. Disconnections

01. Introduction: Enter the game

How to enter the game
To enter the game at one of the available tables, click in the room page on an available seat(noted ENTER).
If there are not any available seats you can make a new table pressing the button : "Make New Table".

02. The game of chess and the pieces

The game of chess - Pieces Distribution
In chess the figure represents any piece except pawn. Major pieces are divided into two groups: heavy pieces (tower and queen) and lightweight pieces (crazy and horse).

The moves

Each chess piece has its own way of being moved. The boxes marked in the diagrams below with X represents the possible moves of the presented piece, only if between the initial and the final position there are no other pieces. If an opponent's piece is on the final position of the move, then that piece is captured. The only exception does the pawn that can capture only moving diagonally, forward.

03. Score

The points awarded to players after the end of a game differ depending on their rating.
So if a player is rated higher than 200 points than his opponent then when he wins he gets 10 points and when he lose he gets minus 20 points.
If he is higher rated less than 200 points than his opponent receives 15 points if he wins and gets minus 20 points if he loses the game.
If he is lower rated less than 200 points (or equal) wins 20 points and loses 15 points.
If he is lower rated over than 200 points wins 30 points and loses 10 points.

You have examples of scoring below:
Dick (890 pts) - Steve (2010 pts)
If Dick wins he is awarded with 30 points.
If Steve wins he is awarded with 10 points.

04. Disconnections

It may happen to be disconnected from the game table because of a bad internet connection (you need a stable connection). In this case you risk loosing the game and also penalties.

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