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CAJR - Rummy Players Annual Rankings

The Annual Rummy Players Ranking, or CAJR, calculates the average of all points won or lost by a player in the past year.

To explain how it works, let's say a player earns a certain number of points in a game today. This sum is used to determine the player's ranking in the CAJR until the same day next year. Consequently, players who are not as active in the last 365 days will drop in the rankings compared to more active players with better results.
If the CAJR score dropts it means you gathered less points yesterday than you did on the same day last year. To increase the CAJR score you need to end the day with more points gained compared to the same day last year.

The total points earned by a player will still be visible on their profile page; however, they will not be considered when calculating the annual ranking of rummy players.

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