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01. Introduction: The game and Objectives
02. Resetarea Punctajului
03. Deconectari

01. Introduction: The game and Objectives

Poker Holdem it is a cards game. Our poker game versions are strictly created for fun and socializing and there are no real bets involved. Players start with a number of points. During the game they bet points based on their game strategy and these points form the pot that will take the winner of the round. When a player bids other players must bet the same amount(or outbid) to stay in the game. Players can increase the stake(Raise), to respond to previous players bid the same amount(Call) or give up the game losing points bet in that round(Fold). At Poker Holdem at the start of the game there are deal two cards face down to each player, then starts the betting. Then turns up the first three cards on the table(The Flop). Then bets are made again and turns up another card(Turn Card). Again another round of betting follows and then turns the last card(River Card). Then the final round of betting and players turn their cards face up establishing the winner.

The cards turned up on the table are comun to all players, each player can use to achieve the best combination of cards with those they have in hand. At the beginning of the game Holdem Poker first two players to the left of the Dealer (who identify as having a dot in his right, dealer changes after every game, in clockwise) must make a bet(Blind Bet). First make a small bet(Small Blind) and the second is forced to bet double the first player(Big Blind). The amount of these bets ''blind'' is given by the game room(Room1 1-2 points, Room2 5-10 points, Room3 25-50 points, Room4 250-500 points).
In betting, each player has the following options:

- CALL bet the same amount as the previous players.

- CHECK doesn't bet points. Check is when a player wants to go further in the game without betting points. Check can be given when previous players didn't bet any points.

- RAISE player increases stake previously made by other players.

- FOLD drops out the bet points and doesn't go further in the round.

How to Enter The Game?

To enter the game at one of the available tables , click in the room page on one of the available seats (noted with Enter).
If there aren't any free seats you can create a new table by clicking the button: ''Make New Table''

Poker Holdem - Winning Hands

Royal Flush Mare
Straight Flush
Four Of A Kind
Full House
Three Of A Kind
Two Pairs
One Pair
High Hand

Note: At Poker Holdem the card combination A-2-3-4-5 is considered Straight.

Picture 1

Rules of equality

When two or more players have equal hands at the end of the round they split the pot.
At royal flush, straight, flush or high hand, hand with the highest card wins. Example: straight J-10-9-8-7 beats 10-9-8-7-6 or 5-4-3-2-A, because in this case the ace is considered equivalent of the card "1".
When all the cards are equal, the winners split the pot.
At four of a kund, three of a kind, one pair, the winning hand is that has the highest card pairs. Example: 8-8-8-5-4 beats 6-6-6-A-Q. The other cards count when pairs are equal. Example: K-K-J-3-2 beats K-K-9-8-6.
At Full House, the 3 identical cards are priority. In the case where both players have the same 3 cards la fel then the shootout consider the other 2 cards of the five cards that make the hand (higher pair of 2 cards wins the hand).
Between two pairs, the hand with the highest pair wins.

02. Resetarea Punctajului

Utilizatorii pot reseta punctajul o singura data la fiecare ora atunci cand raman fara puncte. La fiecare resetare sunt adaugate 2000 de puncte in contul jucatorului.

03. Deconectari

It happens to be disconnected from the table because of loss connection or a bad Internet line. In this case you risk losing the game in progress and the points bet at current hand.

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